Meronyms* is a series of objects fueled by a profound interest in the details and structural elements found in classical urban architecture. The structures in this series reflect the relationship between interior and exterior within the city’s public spaces, and the way this relationship is often translated by materials.

Taking the ‘Urban interior’ as a starting point, their shapes are inspired by those tangential points where a church becomes a public square or a square becomes an extension of a building. They draw from the ambiguity that is present throughout a city, and particularly present in spaces such as the arcade.

The result is a series of black monoliths, erected in Noir de Mazy (Belgian black marble), a material with a clear connection to the historical architectural references, but primarily chosen for its intrinsic properties. The plinths, borders and corners are reduced to their essence as indicators of scale and direction. Architecture folds in and out of function.

*A term which denotes part of something but which is used to refer to the whole of it. Origin: Greek meros (part) + onuma (name)

platform   h 26    l 115    w 115 cm
corner      h 68    l 47    w 45 cm
column     h 42    l 35    w 30 cm

edition: 5 p + 2 ap

photography: Adriaan Hauwaert

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